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Planting the seed of Christ's love in the hearts of children to enable them to feel the love and compassion of Jesus

Kids spend much of their time hanging out with peers and are exposed to a media culture, Internet, cable TV, and video games that send all kinds of wrong messages. What can you, as a parent do, to counteract these negative influences? The answer is to nurture a solid foundation of love, support, and patience. At Friendship, we partner with parents to develop this foundation and we believe a strong base starts with Awana. Why? Because Awana is fun and kids who are having fun usually want more. We start with a high-energy game time, interactive Bible study and memorization, and finish with worship and song. Kids look forward to this weekly fellowship time and, as a parent, you will know that you are encouraging a positive, spiritual influence in your child’s development.


Wednesday Night 6:00 - 7:35 PM  anytime Hackett Schools are in session.


Kindergarten to Grade 2

A clear, consistent presentation
of the gospel, Bible memory games, and circle games.


Grades 3-4 and 5-6

A high-energy time of games, handbook, and council. Here the name Truth and Training reflects the passion of Awana leaders to teach the students the truth of God's Word and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives.


Points of Interest

What should I wear?

    There is no strict dress code, and many folks wear casual clothing.  Because it is our desire to honor God, we ask that clothing be modest in nature.



    A nursery is provided during scheduled services for infants through age 3.  Our nursery workers seek to provide a safe, clean, loving, Godly environment for children.


We offer a variety of ministries and worship opportunities that serve to strengthen our horizontal relationships with each other and primarily our vertical relationship with God.  We look forward to seeing you again and becoming a part of our family at First Baptist Church, Hackett.